Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, quickly resuming operations is your highest priority.

Business Impact Analysis

 Our Business Impact Analysis and Data Recovery report provides insight into how your business would fare against unexpected emergencies. Based on this analysis, we create customized disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Minimize Your Risk

Not all disasters can be prevented but we can develop a recovery solution that minimizes risk and expedites getting systems back online. We quickly restore business operations and recover lost data.

Secure Data Storage

We provide continuous access to your documents, e-mail and applications and safely store data so it is always accessible and easy to recover.

Comprehensive Services

We offer comprehensive services for disaster recovery and business continuity including:

  • Cloud Backup (Compressed Encrypted) – Automatically backs up all types of business data to the cloud and keeps systems protected while letting you turn back the clock if disaster strikes.
  • Redundant Systems – Deploy and maintain redundant systems for your critical business data and applications, for a continuous operation with minimal to no down time.
  • Data Replication – Creates a future-proof, hybrid cloud platform for data protection and disaster recovery of your virtual environment.
  • Virtualization – Instantly migrate applications away from a failed server, without losing a beat, and load balance resources for optimal performance.
  • Co-Location – Take advantage of the security, performance, and business continuity features of a first class data center.