“Organizations are only as
strong as their cyber security,”
CEO, Bavelle Technologies.
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Today, nothing is more important than protecting your business against cyber attacks. If your network is down, you are out of business.


Custom Solutions

From Fortune 500 organizations to private start-ups, we design clients a customized cyber security solution.

We deploy proven cyber security technologies that will protect your business’ networks and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Our cyber security “protection plan” entails:

Proactive approach to threat management

Neutralizing malware

Preventing confidential information exposure

Blocking email phising and ransomware attacks

Cyber Security Partners

Sasa Software - Cyber Security
Ceedo: Secure Browsing, Network and Data Security
Sophos Antivirus and Encryption Software
Sophos Antivirus and Encryption Software
Sophos Antivirus and Encryption Software

Count On Us

Clients count on us to keep PCs, servers, networks and systems secure, reducing any downtime while maximizing their efficiency, effectiveness and ROI. We protect your business and network with comprehensive cyber security technologies:

Bavelle Technologies: Cyber Security Services

Digital Attacks around the globe.

Security Assessment – We grade the effectiveness of your present cyber security systems and recommend solutions.

Network & Data Security – We provide a customized security plan to safeguard your business network from potential threats. We employ SOPHOS, a network and data security software for firewall, anti-virus and encryption protection.

Secure Browsing – We utilize Menlo Secure Web Gateway to reduce your attack surface and enable web browsing protection for any device, anywhere.

CDR – Documents and email attachments are the most successful method to deliver ransomware and other malicious attacks. As the Authorized Agent for Sasa Software, we offer clients this leading CDR cyber security technology to thwart such occurrences.

Phishing campaigns – Protection against disguised emails, known as phishing, which is one of the oldest types of cyber attacks with techniques becoming sophisticated.

Protect Your Business Against Today’s Advanced Mobile Cyber Threats

It’s just a question of when, not if, cyber threats and targeted attacks arrive at your business doorstep:  your IT network.

Methods today are increasingly efficient at breaching organizations and getting access to valuable data. In our webinar, we explore protection, prevention and a plan if your business network is compromised.

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